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Yo Soy, Mexican Dichos, and Mural | Senior Capstone Project

The research for my project surrounded about latinx culture, and identity, it was interesting, but as a reader, it made me think connecting to latinx culture and wanting to connect to it more. Partially because I wanted to feel closer to my latinx identity, and wanted to make it possible for others who also wanted to connect and represent their culture's identity. There are latinx artists that create merchandise to make statements that they can either wear or have with them. I was inspired by a few artists zines and decided to make my own.

Mexican dichos is a  zine that contains Mexican saying based on Mexican idioms that I and some other people would have heard from our parents. It was painted in the style of latinx sign painted, I wanted to use the vernacular branding of latinx sign painting, make it look familiar as its commonly used in various latinx areas. The zine also contains the English translation of the saying on the inside of the zine and an English equivalent of the saying, it is an object that can remind people of the latinx community of their own culture.

The mural was suggested to me by Emily Eisenhart, never in my life would have thought that I would have painted a mural, but I did, and it was a lot of fun. The mural, similar to the zine, utilized the latinx style of sign painting to share with others the saying mas Vale Tarde Que Nunca, better late than never to express that it's never too late to connect to one's culture. And I enjoyed seeing people taking pictures in front of it, with it, and of it, I wanted my mural to have a sort of impact, and I feel like it happened.

And about Yo Soy. it is a platform for sharing and celebrating latinx culture, to enable Latinx Americans to connect to their cultural identity. as the creator, I want to make it possible for people of the latinx community to connect, share and celebrate their culture

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