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HyperATX | UI/UX | Interaction Design 2

In collaboration with Amy Cho, Eric Moe, and Luis G. Vazquez, this project was to improve the process of discovering local music. Utilizing a human-centered approach to research, providing ample information to define a problem statement, using empathy we interviewed and spoke to musicians, fans, record shops, venues, promoters, DJs, and producers. They do not have to be in Austin to better understand how to improve the process of discovering local music. To understand a person’s thoughts, emotions, and motivations, so that you can determine how to innovate for him or her. By understanding the choices that a person makes and the behaviors that a person engages in, you can identify their needs, and design to meet those needs. To address this issue, our design solution set up a solution: The creation of an online platform that brings forth algorithmic live music information, chat and community will serve to bridge the gap between people, place, and music in the Austin community. I focused on creating the wireframes for the project to ensure that the user flow was smooth as possible while using the application.

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