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Americans for the Arts | Branding | Branding Theories/Methods  UT Fall 2017


I collaborated with Anna Brink in order to create a rebranding for the non-profit organization Americans for the Arts. Together we researched, strategized, focused on visual identity system, campaign concept, and a proposed branding touchpoint design this also included creating an Identity Standards Manual, and a case study/process book. For this project, I designed the Brand Guidelines booklet and the Touchpoint concept, an object a consumer can interact with. The concept behind our touchpoint is to make it game-like, but educational, we wanted to make the arts accessible to children at home and in schools, empowering them while they create and enjoy different activities involving the arts in a colorful, illustrative activity book. Parents and teachers will be pleased to occupy their children with activities that will help them grow and increase their well-being.




Brand Guidelines


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